Wojenne dziewczyny

Wojenne dziewczyny (English: War Girls) is a Polish World War II sensationalist television drama series, broadcast on TVP1.
The series follows the lives of three women, showing them briefly at the outbreak of the war in September 1939 before flashing forward to 1941. Ewa Fronczak is released from her prison sentence for theft on account of the falling bombs; Marysia Joachim and her family are terrorised by anti-semitic Nazi sympathisers; Irena Szczęsna helps the nurses at a hospital with the wounded. Ewa and Irka know each other from before the war; they first meet Marysia after Ewa steals her wallet, including her false identity documents, at a train station. They join the underground resistance movement and are initially appointed to serve in the small sabotage unit.

Stars: Vanessa Aleksander, Aleksandra Pisula, Marta Mazurek, Danuta Stenka