About us

Prime Fury is an experienced stunt team which descend from former Stunt Forces team.
In our professional activity, we provide aerobatics and stunt effects such as:
-choreography for both cold steel weapon and hand-to-hand combat
-use of firearms
-gymnastics, parkour, tricking
-wire-fu effects with the ropes (flights, jumps, swimming, fights, etc.)
-high altitude jumps and falls
-reactions to shots, hits; spectacular falls
-precise car and motorcycle driving (accidents, run-downs)
-fire effects, explosion effects and human torch effect
-rope landing techniques (building, helicopter)
-counter-terrorist land operations (aka “black tactics”) and special operations (aka “green tactics”)
-horse riding (horse stunt effects)
-flying stuntmen effects, performed with the use of pneumatic launchers, air ramps and ratchets
-protecting the film locations, including in- and on-water protection